Kitchen Trends that Will Be a Hit in 2015

Hot Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2015

Back in the time of our great-grandmothers, the kitchen was a room separated from the rest of the household because it was a sweatshop with unattractive compartments (think brick oven smeared with ash and chicken feathers strewn all over the floor). Today, thanks to developments in technology and interior design, the kitchen boasts glamour and sleekness. It is now a room that we are proud to show off and entertain guests in.

 No wonder kitchen remodeling is so popular among homeowners nowadays. This home improvement project gives an excellent return on investment. It adds significantly to the resale value of your house, provides better ergonomics, and allows improved storage solutions. The kitchen is also considered by many as the ‘heart of the home’ because it is usually the busiest section of the house that every member of the household uses.

There are different kinds of remodeling jobs you can do in your kitchen to greet the new year. You can do a full-scale renovation and change the whole interior design and layout. You can just add new fixtures and paint your walls a new color if your budget is limited. Or if you want to spruce it up but not spend for a total remodeling project, then you can enhance or change your cabinets and bring in new appliances.

Whatever kind of kitchen improvement you want to do, you know you want to get the most out of your expenses. You want to get results that will give added value to your property, better living conditions to your family, and increased aesthetic appeal to your cooking area. To make sure you achieve that, invest in these kitchen remodeling ideas that will increase the real estate price of your home and provide a look that will be hot in 2015 and even beyond. 



These devices add to the functionality of your kitchen so having the right ones is important. A great thing about investing in these kitchen items is you don’t have to change all your pieces at once. You can get more efficient appliances one piece at a time.                           

1. Panini Maker – Together with the juicer and smoothie maker, this item is becoming a must-have in households as more families are becoming more health-conscious. With most moms and dads juggling multiple tasks at one time (making breakfast while finalizing the kids’ schedule for the day) it can be challenging to make sure everyone eats healthy. But with these gadgets, whipping up nutritious sandwiches and juices will be easier despite the morning rush hour.

2. Installed Coffee Makers – Nowadays, starting the day without a cup of joe is just impossible. Coffee has become so embedded in our culture that it’s not enough to get a cup of your regular at your favorite café before going to work. People now want to be able to enjoy a latte or cappuccino in the comforts of their own kitchen as they chit-chat with friends over the phone or as they make their grocery list.



Caption: Sending emails while putting groceries away in the fridge, anyone?


3. Smart Appliances – Saving energy and efficiency are two of the top concerns of homeowners. They want to get a lot done without having to use too much power. And this is where smart appliances come in. Energy star products assure electricity savings whereas computerized devices let you do multiple tasks at once. People want all that combined into one—electronic items that are interactive, cyber-smart, computer-regulated, and multifunctional. Imagine a refrigerator that has TV/DVD features, Internet abilities, and email messaging. Sounds pretty cool, right?

4. Designer Dishwashers – Forget about the kids fighting over whose going to do the dishes. I the future the chore of washing plates and cookware is an easier task with the help of ingenious dishwashers that let you wash and store utensils without the need to transfer anymore. There are even designs that let you do big loads of up to 20 place settings at once. Cleaning up after those dinner parties will be no problem!

5. Dual-fuel Ranges – Most manufacturers now offer models that combine the power of a gas range and the even performance of an electric stove. You can enjoy these appliances in various styles such as the classic cast iron or more modern stainless steel. They even come in different attractive colors that will make them an additional decorative piece in your kitchen rather than just a piece of metal that is loved more for its function rather than beauty.


Storage is one of the biggest features we look into when designing our kitchen. We want to make sure we have a place for everything and that food and other items will be kept safe and well-preserved. Plus, we want our floor space to be as free flowing as possible to allow uninterrupted activity while we go about chatting with our family while chopping ingredients. That is why cabinets are still a vital aspect in achieving the desired look and ambiance in your kitchen in 2015 and beyond.


scotts-quality-kitchens-custom bamboo-2  

Caption: Can you imagine cooking in a kitchen as lovely as this?

 1. Modern Day Cabinetry – Minimalism and custom-made is the core concept of this look. This uses innovative surfaces like semitranslucent glass, bamboo, aluminum, and high-gloss lacquer. Storage design includes handle-less and touch-latch doors, floating units, and systems concealed behind sliding doors. To tie in to the ‘neutrality’ and minimalism, white is the color of choice. However, if an all white cooking area is too scary for you, then opt for metallic surfaces. The key is to create a space that is un-fussy, clean, uncluttered, simple, and seamless (where appliances seem to be extensions of the cabinets).

2. Wooden Units – Say goodbye to one-toned units. The trend is to mix warm hues with pale tones to go for a driftwood-inspired theme. The objective is to create an overall ‘grayish’ and relaxed interior. Some materials that are gaining popularity today are oak, cherry, maple, and walnut. However, the use of dark wood tones is still popular so you can still go with this motif if desired.



 With a fresh coat of paint and new cabinet door handles or with a new sink or a fancy stove hood, your kitchen will be transformed or revitalized. And you get to do this by spending just a few bucks!

 1. Classic Metal Finishes – That’s right, stainless steel is not the must-have fixture anymore. Kitchen design trends are now showing faucets and cabinet handles in oil-rubbed bronze or brushed chrome or nickel. If you want to add to the visual appeal, you can combine cool and warm reflective metals, such as using accents of chrome with copper or brass. These kinds of handles, knobs, and faucets provide more warmth to the room, thus creating a cozier ambiance. And who doesn’t like homey kitchens?

 2. Sexy Stove Hoods – Cooking is the main activity that happens in a kitchen, so why not give more love and character to your range by giving its hood a makeover? Do away with the bland and boxy hood that you commonly see above stoves and go for one that has more shape and appeal. You can choose a curvy unit made from treated glass or one that has a spice rack as an added feature. With a more beautiful range, you’ll be more inspired to spend time with it.


Overall Theme

If an overall makeover is what you want for your kitchen, then you need to select a design that will still blend in with the other areas of your home to not disrupt the harmony and overall appeal of your abode. Unless making your kitchen stand out is your objective.

1. Pop of Color – If you’re going for an all-white or earth-toned kitchen, add small appliances or accents that can break the monotony and add something interesting to space. For example, seat cushion covers in aqua green will be eye-catching pieces in a room washed in white. A potted green plant surrounded by oak cabinets and furniture can get the right kind of attention.

2. Open Floor Plan – Gone are the days when the kitchen was an area meant to be hidden from guests. Today, it is a place to entertain and welcome family and friends, the ‘heart of the home’ as mentioned earlier. This has led to the trend of allowing the kitchen to be more open to the other parts of the house. Some even opt to have whole walls torn down so the kitchen can easily be accessed from the dining and family room. If you think this design will work well with your home, just make sure to incorporate accents and key elements that will tie it up well with the other rooms. You can hang paintings from the same artist or use the same color palette in the other areas of your home.

3. Continuing Value – Consumers today tend to opt for designs that will last for many years, something trend-proof. Using laminates or veneers are becoming more common. Cabinets that will look good today and 10 years from now are important. So make sure you are going for something classic yet stylish.

So, did you pick up any ideas for your kitchen remodeling? Let us know what plans you have in mind so we can start drawing up the details of your soon-to-be trendy and functional ‘new’ kitchen.


BY: Jim Scott


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