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Importance of Building Permits for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Building Permits: Do You Really Need One?

Before we go into the details about acquiring home improvement permits, let’s get to know the story of a fictional couple who got an unbelievable bargain for a huge house in Pleasanton. Sure, it needed some repairs, but how could they pass up the opportunity? Besides, they could forego labor costs and do the work themselves. So they moved in and started to fix up the holes in the floors and walls, cracks in the windows, and leaks in the pipes.

One day, they invited a neighbor into their home to give him a tour. As they went downstairs to show him the basement, the neighbor stepped on a newly repaired step when the tread suddenly gave way. His foot got stuck and when they finally got his foot out, he hurriedly stormed out of the house despite the couple apologizing profusely. “He surely won’t be coming to our house warming party,” they joked. He surely wouldn’t, but he’d be bringing them a welcome gift—asking a settlement for the injury he incurred. And since the couple didn’t have a building permit and didn’t comply with the local construction codes they had no choice but to pay him.    

The moral of the story is ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’. Now this scenario could or could not happen to you in real life, especially because you’re planning to get work done on your kitchen and not your basement—no need to worry about hazardous staircases, right? But the ‘being safe’ part is not only for your visitors or basement, but for you and your whole house as well. So how can you be safe?

To begin with, get a building permit before doing your kitchen remodeling project. This document is not just a piece of paper that allows you to break down walls and install new cabinets. It is proof that someone knowledgeable has reviewed and spotted errors in your construction plans before work begins. And once your home improvement is being done, inspectors will make sure that life-threatening errors are corrected before the job is completed.

Does it mean you need to get a remodeling permit even when you’re just going to change your countertop? The answer depends on what city or municipality you are living in. Local building codes vary from one place to another. That’s why it is always best to go to your town’s division office that is in charge of handing out construction permits to inquire about the requirements for the kitchen improvements you are planning to do. In Pleasanton, you should go to The City of Pleasanton Building and Safety Division. Before going there, know what documents you need to prepare and the process when applying for a permit at the official website of Pleasanton City.

If you need help in making plans for your kitchen cabinet remodeling plans, Scott’s Quality Kitchens will be happy to prepare your desired design and assist with the documents needed for your permit application. Set an appointment today so we can start processing the building requirements and get to work on giving your kitchen a beautiful new look.


By Jim Scott


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