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Is it Better to Replace or Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

To Replace or Reface? That is the Big Question

So, you’re going to change your kitchen cabinets. Planning this home improvement project can be exciting as you imagine the new looks you can achieve with a new color or theme. But through the course of your planning, you will encounter big dilemmas in finalizing your remodeling plans ( One of the biggest challenges is deciding whether you should go with cabinet refacing or replacing.

Let’s check out the following points and decide what option is best for your kitchen renovation.


This process involves: 1) installing brand new drawer fronts and cabinet doors; 2) painting or refinishing your existing storage areas; 3) installing new laminate veneer or new wood over existing cabinetry and drawers. To achieve a completely different look, the interiors of your cabinets can also be sanded, stained, or painted. Finally, new pulls, hinges, and handles are added to complete the transformation.

This is a great alternative for homeowners who can’t afford an overall remodeling of their cabinets since the costs are around 50 percent less and the work can be done in a shorter amount of time. Another great advantage is your kitchen can still be functional and your activities in the area won’t be disrupted that much since the process won’t require moving appliances. Families who can’t stall meal schedules will find this helpful. This is also beneficial in lessening your impact on the environment since you’ll be using less cabinet hardware and wood, glass, or other materials.


This requires taking down your existing cabinetry and replacing everything with new storage units. Obviously this means more cost and time spent on your kitchen remodeling. But before you disregard this option and stick to refacing, you should know that sometimes the latter process won’t work. Some sample situations are: 1) your current cabinets are not functional and are too small for your wide pans, tall fruit reserve jars, or other kitchenware; 2) your existing storage isn’t made of high-quality materials and is in bad shape already. Basically, if you need to redo your kitchen layout or change the overall design, then replacing is the way to go to achieve that.


A combination of refacing and replacing cabinetry is an option that not many homeowners think of. But this can actually be a great idea to consider when you need to improve the functionality and layout of just some of your cabinets while other units can be rehabbed. If you are also planning to bring in new appliances that won’t fit into your existing storage layout, then you can just replace the shelves or drawers located near the assigned spot of your new oven or refrigerator to accommodate its shape and size.


To determine what remodeling process will be best, you first need to identify what you want to achieve with the layout, functionality, and look of your new kitchen. Then consult with kitchen remodeling specialists like us and so we can plan the best design together.   


BY: Jim Scott


Remodel Your Kitchen to Increase Property Salability

Invest in the Right Kitchen Remodeling to Increase Your Property Salability

kitchen-remodeling-to-increase-property-salabilityKitchen Remodeling is one of the top 5 home improvements that bring the greatest percentage on investment. According to U.S. News this renovation adds 82.7 percent of the project’s cost to a property’s value. And because it is one of the most utilized rooms in a house, a functional and attractive kitchen adds to a home’s salability too.

It comes as no surprise then that homeowners are willing to take on the costs and amount of work needed to enhance their kitchen’s appeal. But this doesn’t mean that you can go with just any remodeling idea. You still need to determine what type of home improvement will raise the market value of your home.

Question: What should I consider when deciding on what kitchen renovations to go with? 

Answer: First, if your objective is to sell your house quickly, then you want to penetrate your target audience efficiently. Know the preferences and needs of your potential market and go for remodeling jobs that will appeal to them. For instance, if more buyers are looking for single family-friendly housing in Livermore, transform your kitchen into a cozy and efficient nook where mom, dad, and the kids will enjoy sharing meals and chatting before and after a busy day of work and school.

Second, you need to consider the recent market prices in Livermore or your locality to determine if your home improvement expense can deliver a solid cost-to-value ratio. To get help in determining how big of a return you can get on your kitchen remodeling, get in touch with a reputable real estate agent in your area. Take note that major renovations usually don’t return actual profits but they tend to help your house sell quicker.

Finally, know your budget. Yes an overall renovation that transforms your kitchen into a first-class chef’s workshop can make your home stand out in the market, but it can also drain your savings. So be realistic but creative. If you can’t afford new cabinets, then hire an experienced woodworker from Scott’s Quality Kitchens to reface your current cabinetry. With our experience and skill, we can give your storage units a beautiful makeover that will impress potential homebuyers.

Question: What are the best kitchen remodeling projects to invest in?

Answer: As you browse home improvement guides, you’ll notice there are just so many great tips on how to improve your property’s salability. But try not to get too carried away with everything you read or hear about. Know what renovation trends are marketable, but be careful not to select ideas that will be popular for just one season. For example, going green is a practice that is encouraged not only for this decade but for a lifetime due to the ongoing power shortage and global warming issues. So investing in energy-efficient appliances is a move that will make your kitchen more efficient and up-to-date.

Next, invest in custom cabinets. The wrong kind of storage units can negatively affect the personality, functionality, and organization of your kitchen. That is why you have to select cabinetry that fits the layout and interior design you are looking for.

You don’t have to spend too much on new furniture and decorations as the future homeowners can take care of that. In fact, they might prefer to bring in their own décor and furnishings to add their personal touch to the place. Focus instead on the key components—appliances and cabinets.

Deciding on the right kind of kitchen remodeling can’t happen with just a snap of your fingers. But with the help of reliable specialists in the home improvement and real estate selling industry, you can make wiser and more worthwhile renovating investments.


By: Jim Scott


Cabinet Refacing Pleasanton CA | Scott’s Quality Kitchens



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By Jim Scott

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By Jim Scott


Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Refacing – Scott’s Quality Kitchens

Kitchen Remodeling is our specialty and we take pride when it

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comes to kitchen cabinet refacing.

Scott’s Quality Kitchens was founded on the principle to produce nothing but the best refacing cabinets

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