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Avoiding Damage and Accidents with Earthquake-Proof Cabinets

Earthquake-Proof Cabinets to Avoid Damage and Accidents  

Living in California can be full of relaxation, sunshine, and fun, especially if you live in one of its quaint, picturesque towns like Danville. You get to enjoy a vibrant and scenic environment and still have upscale amenities and everyday convenience. But of course, something so good must come with a price, right? There is a small downside when you live here—you need to be prepared for some shaking and trembling. The Golden State is located on the Andreas Fault so it has several thousands of earthquakes each year. But these tremors are mostly so small that they can hardly be felt. The last major earthquake was in August 2014 (as of when this article was written) and caused leaks and gas main breaks and resulted to 16 buildings being labeled as ‘uninhabitable’ (as reported by BBC).

Whether you are a new or seasoned resident in this state, it pays to be prepared for a high-magnitude quake in California. Not only can you House-Earthquake-300x225minimize the damage to your home, you can also avoid accidents. Luckily, there are organizations that can train you and service providers that can help you inspect and implement safety measures. But there are precautions you can take and do on your own. One of these is securing your cabinets. You keep a lot of stuff in these storage units and some of them hang from your walls, so if a big tremor happens they can turn into big hazards. The doors fly open unleashing huge objects flying across the room and glass or ceramic ware crashing to the floor—resulting to possible damage and injuries.

So, what to do?

 Make sure your cabinets are…

 ..installed and/or made by specialists.

Poorly made cabinets can easily break, crack, or fall even in not-so-strong earthquakes. The same goes for units that are installed by non-professionals. Imagine how scary it would be to see your brand new cabinetry (that you just spent thousands of dollars on) come crashing to the ground during a slight tremor. Your heart rate will speed up due to the shaking and the horror of realizing your money has fallen to the pits of the earth. But you don’t have to suffer that nightmare. Get in touch with us here Scott’s Quality Kitchens and we’ll help you make sturdy cabinets or assist you in earthquake-proofing your existing storage units.

…secured from the inside.

Your china, jars, glasses, and other kitchen utensils can shift and break during a strong quake. A solution to saving your precious ceramic and glassware is lining the interiors of your cabinet with rubberized shelf mats. You can typically get them from hardware or variety stores and they’re usually sold as pre-cut squares or rolls. For your expensive dinner plates, place a mat between each plate in the stack to give them extra protection. Aside from that, place hazardous and heavier items on the lower or ground-level shelves to reduce the center of gravity.

…protected from the outside.

Equip your storage units with latches to prevent cabinet doors from flying open. There are several types of latches you can buy with varying security and price ranges, such as:

1. Child-proof – allows the door to close automatically and is budget-friendly, but requires some getting used to because you need to reach inside the cabinet to release the latch.

2. Hook and eye – another affordable option, but requires you to manually lock the door every time you need to get a glass or another utensil from inside so you need to make it a habit to secure the hook in place after closing the cabinet.

3. Push – holds the door firmly shut; is mounted inside the door and requires being pushed gently inward to lock and unlock.

As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than the cure. So don’t let those shakes and trembles cause major damage or accidents in your kitchen and other areas of your home.

By Jim Scott


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