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scotts-quality-kitchens-about-meI’ve always loved woodworking.  The visual beauty, the smell of fresh cut hardwood have always drawn me to projects made with fine lumber.  Whether working alongside my father in my family’s garage or, later, in my own garage shop, woodworking has been a hobby that has brought me much enjoyment.

My hobby became more serious when friends and family started recommending me to people who needed wood projects built for their homes.  Soon I was being commissioned to build furniture, entertainment centers and cabinets in homes throughout the Bay Area.  It was during the installation of one of these projects that I watched a man refacing kitchen cabinets in a home in San Jose.  Until then, I’d thought of refacing as a low-quality, cheesy way of updating cabinetry.

I imagined large companies sending out inexperienced hacks to get in, do the work and get out with the homeowner’s money as quickly as possible.  The man I watched in San Jose was no hack.  He took the time and care of a true craftsman, and his work was beautiful.  I watched him carefully, asked lots of questions and learned tricks that I use to this day.

That man inspired me to start my own cabinet-refacing business in 1991.

To me, making a living while working with wood was the perfect combination, so I earned my contractor’s license and set up shop in a small industrial unit in Hayward.  Over the years I’ve refined my techniques, and the quality of my materials and hardware has vastly improved.  But after completing many hundreds of refacing projects, my love for the craft hasn’t changed.  The result is a long list if satisfied clients all around the Bay Area.



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