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    All Horizontal Grain Bamboo

Welcome to Scott’s Quality Kitchens

Scott’s Quality Kitchens is a one-man shop specializing in kitchen cabinet refacing.  I’m located in the East Bay and since 1991 I’ve completed hundreds of projects in homes throughout the Bay Area.

Refacing has become an extremely popular way of transforming old cabinets into beautiful “new” cabinets over the last 20 years or so.  There are reasons:

    • Refacing is extremely economical.  Most cabinetry can be refaced for about half the cost of building and installing new cabinetry.
    • Refacing is less disruptive.  Installing new cabinets means you also have to replace your countertops and flooring.  I can reface your kitchen cabinets without having to remove your new granite countertop and laminate flooring.
    • Refacing is quick.  I complete an average kitchen project in about a WEEK!
    • Refacing is better for the environment.  Many people are trying to be “green” lately, and I’ve had request for refacing for that reason alone.  A huge amount of material is being kept out of landfills by simply reusing old cabinet casework.


Refacing is my specialty.  I’m a craftsman and use only the finest materials available…

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